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Local Author Empowers Those Crippled By Adversity

Sharing Her Story & Message of Hope

Kimberly James chronicles her life and the intimate details of how her “mess” collided with the love of God to catapult her into her purpose in “Running on G: What’s Filling Your Tank?”
ANNANDALE, VA, – In her book "Running on G: What’s Filling Your Tank?" (ISBN 978-0-9835781-2-3), Kimberly James tells her story of dealing with childhood trauma and difficulties throughout her adult life while delivering the message that no matter what life brings, we are the sole masters of our destiny and that even your pain has a purpose.

"Running on G" puts readers into James’ shoes and thought-process as she evolves through many debilitating life experiences. Her message to her readers is that nothing is pre-determined. Through sharing her story, she proves to be a perfect example of how people can overcome any level of adversity and redirect the course of his/her life as long as they are able and willing to grow through the limitations of their ego.
The first chapter begins at the end of the book with an identity beautifully and authentically redefined through the evolution of a human soul. What is great is that the reader gets to be a part of that evolution and they too walk away feeling like anything is possible.
While "Running on G" is an autobiography, the book is written in a style that allows readers to feel as if they are reading a diary or a novel with no shortage of drama. James believes this aspect makes her book more appealing to a wider audience.
James hopes that her life experiences will give hope to others who face their own series of challenges and disappointments. Her goal was to give something back that will leave a legacy of hope and triumph, and hopefully improve the lives of others.
"My book is an epitaph of sorts, cast back over my shoulder to those coming after me or are still entangled in the complicated web of their past. Like me, so many are perplexed by their suffering and uncertain how to navigate through the fog" James says. "This work is much bigger than me. I wrote it purely out of obedience. It is the most painful yet rewarding thing I have ever accomplished."
"Running on G: What’s Filling Your Tank?" is available for sale in both eBook and paperback online at, and COMING SOON at and in a Barnes & Noble store near you.
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